Hob Guard 'Safera'

‘Hob Guard Safera’ prevents hob fires occurring by automatically turning the hob off prior to it getting too hot, temperatures rising too quickly, unusual current change, or hob left unattended.


Ceiling mounted BS 5839 heat and smoke alarms lets you know when a fire has occurred allowing escape to commence while the fire is developing whereas ‘Hob Guard Safera’ is constantly monitoring the hob and prevents the fire occurring as required by the European Standard EN 50615. 


This standard has come from the Nordic Countries where their Building Regulations in Norway require a Hob Guard to be fitted to every hob. This also gives local hob detection, over that of the ceiling mounted heat detector which takes longer to register, thus improving pre movement times.

Hob Guard works by means of four sensors which monitor’s the hob, raising a pre warning 15 second alarm prior to switch the power off.


Hob Guard is already installed across Europe and since these installations, none of the owners have ever reported a hob fire. Hob Guard is proving particularly popular with studio, open plan apartments and student apartments in the UK giving the designers greater flexibility.


Hob Guard has been tested for compliance with EN50615 by SINTEF which is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia similar to BRE in England.


Hob Guard does not interfere with normal cooking and doesn’t require any maintenance, other than a quick clean of the sensor from time to time. It comes with a three-year warranty. If the power supply is lost to the sensor, or the unit is removed during the filter cleaning, the hob will not power up ensuring the unit becomes fail safe.

Following activation of the Hob Guard, the unit is simply reset allowing the hob to be used again.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Product Links

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Installation Manual

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Product Features


  • Prevents fire occurring

  • Tested to 25amps and meets European standard EN50615

  • CE marking to EU requirements

  • Intelligence is based on four different sensors, to act quickly in various hazardous situations without disrupting the cooking process

  • Wireless 2-way connection designed for safety critical applications

  • Battery powered sensor unit mounted above the cooker and a powered control unit connected to the cooker socket

  • Hob cuts out where no cooking activity is registered

  • Avoids kitchen false alarms

  • Manual reset activation and ready to protect the hob again, unlike a suppressant system which are rarely recharged

  • Only maintenance is cleaning the surface and changing the battery every 3 years

  • Hob Guard can monitor the floor for water resulting in activation of the unit sounder following wetting of the floor by the fire sprinklers or appliance leak

  • Ten colour options and cab be customised with a chosen print to fit any colour finish

  • Position on the front of the extractor unit or on the back wall to cover the hob

  • Hob sensor 130mm x 45mm x 20mm deep

  • Control unit 240mm x 120mm x 40mm located in cupboard below