LD1 Hob Detection

Designed for Studio, Open Plan and Student Apartment’s to reduce the kitchen hob risk and activate sounders throughout the apartment, thus allowing relaxation on the hob position and restrictions on the open plan area of the apartment.


‘LD1 Hob Detection’ forms an extension of the intelligent apartment LD1 ceiling mounted detectors to provide local monitoring and management of the cooking hob.

Hob Guard in ‘monitor mode’ is designed to provide enhanced early detection at the hob and activates a warning alarm.

In ‘fire mode’, the power supply to the hob is isolated and the ceiling mounted sounders throughout the apartment are activated.

The hob detection provides an earlier response over that of the ceiling mounted heat detector thus improving detection times and as it forms an extension of the LD1 detection system, the sounders are activated resulting in the occupants moving earlier.

Hob Guard works by means of four sensors which monitor’s the hob constantly for cooking activity. The infrared sensors monitor radiant energy including flash point of cooking oil. The current sensor monitors power consumption. The system will initially raise a pre warning 15 second alarm in ‘monitor mode’ when conditions approach an unacceptable level. Where no action is taken or conditions become critical, the Hob Guard is activated in ‘fire mode’ to isolate the hob power supply preventing ignition and activating the apartment sounders .

Hob Guard comes from Norway where the Building Regulations require all kitchen hobs to be fitted with a monitoring Hob Guard in accordance with the European Standard EN50615:2015 ‘Hob Fire Prevention Standard’, resulting in reduced numbers of cooking incidents since its introduction.

The system gives Fire Engineers a system to assist in presenting a case for managing the risk areas out, allowing greater flexibility with open plan apartments regardless of the floor area.

Product Links

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