Kitchen Guard

Designed for Studio, Open Plan and Student Apartment’s to reduce the kitchen hob risk and activate sounders throughout the apartment, thus allowing relaxation on the hob position and restrictions on the open plan area of the apartment.


Managing the risk before it becomes a fire


‘Hob Guard’ forms an extension of the intelligent apartment LD1 ceiling mounted detectors to provide local monitoring over the hob and isolation of the power source prior to hob ignition.

On operation of the Hob Guard unit in fire mode, the ceiling mounted sounders throughout the apartment are activated and the power supply to the hob, oven and worktop sockets are isolated to prevent a fire occurring.

The local hob detection provides an earlier response over that of the ceiling mounted heat detector thus improving detection times and getting the occupants moving earlier.

The Hob Guard is designed to detect and isolate the power supply prior to the fire occurring. The unit then operates the sounders drawing the occupant’s attention, thus designing the risk area out.

Hob Guard works by means of four sensors which monitor’s the hob constantly, raising a pre warning 15 second alarm when conditions approach an unacceptable level. Where no action is taken or conditions become critical, the Hob Guard is activated in fire mode to prevent the fire occurring.

Hob Guard comes from Norway where the Building Regulations require all kitchen hobs to be fitted with a monitoring Hob Guard in accordance with EN50615:2015 ‘Hob Fire Prevention Standard’, resulting in reduced numbers of cooking incidents since its introduction.

The Kitchen Guard concept was designed for Studio and Open Plan Apartments where the ‘Cooking Appliances’ opens to the living space. Kitchen Guard gives Fire Engineers a system to assist in presenting a case for designing the risk areas out, allowing greater flexibility with open plan apartments regardless of the floor area.

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Product Features


  • Hob Guard prevents hob fires occurring by constantly monitoring the hob and isolating the power supplies prior to dangerous conditions occurring.

  • Allows trade off in studio apartments giving greater flexibility with the hob positions.

  • Allows kitchen to be part of the open plan in LD1 & sprinklered apartments exceeding 32m2 in area as restricted by BS9991:2015.

  • Activation of Hob Guard in fire mode, operates the LD1 sounders and removes power supplies to the kitchen sockets and oven.

  • Hob Guard is tested and certificated to 25 amp hobs to show compliance with the European Standard EN50615:2015.

  • Intelligent LD1/2 Smoke & Heat detectors to BS 5446-2 and BS5839.

  • System manually reset’s after activation and is ready to protect the hob and kitchen again.

  • Where a fire sprinkler flow switch is not installed Kitchen Guard can monitor the floor for water where the interface is fitted. This can result in activation of the sounders on operation of the fire sprinklers or an appliance leak.

  • External monitoring connection available.