Hygienic Door Opener


The 'Hygienic Door Opener' (HDO) allows people to open latch-free doors with the simple use of their foot.  This removes the need to touch door handles, reducing the spread of germs, viruses and cross-contamination from the door handle.

Building Managers invest in PIR operated lights, taps and dryers in public bathrooms to minimise the spread of germs and yet, people are expected to open the bathroom door with their hands.  This makes the investment useless and allows the spread of modern day viruses and germs.

The Hygienic Door Opener offers a low cost and effective way to ensure the door can be opened after spending time washing hands, regardless of what other people do.

The Hygienic Door Opener mounts to the bottom of the door and is operated by stepping on the ridged edge of the opener and pulling your foot back, allowing you to walk through the door opening without touching the door.

Its that simple.

This is a really easy way to provide an able bodied person with a second hands-free hygienic option for opening door so that they do not have to touch the door opener with their hands after washing their hands.

The hygienic, hands-free door opener makes you feel relaxed knowing that your, your employees, and customers do not need to touch bathroom doors. The sanitary door handle helps minimise spreading germs through cross-contamination.

The cleanliness of toilet door handles is an important issue; not just in hospitals but in surgeries, public toilets and all types of doors in shared buildings.


  • 7% of women and 15% of men do not wash their hands after using the bathroom

  • 33% of people do not use soap when washing their hands

  • 80% of people only wash their hands for 6 seconds (minimum recommended time is 20 seconds)

  • Up to 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch

  • Failing to wash hands correctly contributes to nearly 50% of all foodborne illness outbreaks

  • Approximately 39% of people do not wash their hands after sneezing or coughing

...and this allows the transmission of germs and viruses from the contaminated door handle to your hands


Currently supplying to United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Portugal

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Hygienic Door Opener Info Sheet



  • Easy, hand-free use for opening the door

  • Help to prevent the spread of infection

  • Allows items to be carried in both hands

  • Low cost

  • Easily installed

  • Works with both wood and steel doors


  • Opener fits to the bottom of selected door

  • Unit dimensions 100mm x 75mm x 35mm

  • Door opening instruction label

  • Includes 2 fixing screws, 1 cabinet connection bolt and door opener label instructions

  • Heavy duty cast 356 aluminium construction.

  • Powder coat finish