Saucepan Fire Extinguisher (SFE)

Saucepan Fire Extinguishers (SFE) sachets offer an easy, safe and effective way of extinguishing dangerous saucepan fires, within seconds by an untrained person.


The SFE sachets react instantly with hot, burning cooking oil or fats by creating a chemical reaction to form a blanket of cooling foam that extinguishes the fire and prevents reignition.


Cooking oil and grease saucepan fires are the main causes of fires and fatalities within the kitchen, accounting for approximately twenty serious incidents a day.  Kitchen fires caused by the cooking oil can spread fast and occupants are generally too panic'd to handle the fire with appropriate mechanisms such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets.  Delays in extinguishing the fire can cause the fire to spread and the loss of the property and injury to the occupant.


SFE is a simple yet effective solution to stop cooking oil fires.  Gently place the sachet into the burning oil saucepan to release the special extinguishing agent.  The liquid chemically reacts with the cooking oil to form a foam layer on the surface which starves the oxygen and cools the cooking oil into a non-combustible liquid, quickly extinguishing the fire.

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Product Features


  • Safe and easy to use on cooking hob fires

  • Simply place SFE sachet in saucepan and fire is extinguished

  • Requires no training

  • Extinguishes first stage of Class F cooking oil fires

  • Non-hazardous EC 1999/45/EC

  • European Union REACH compliant

  • 5-year shelf life

  • Full scale testing carried out by fire consultants 'FDS Consult'

  • SFE developed based upon a requirement for a simple solution to a daily problem​


  • No installation required

  • Simply attach SFE storage box to the kitchen wall


  • Domestic kitchens

  • Student accomodation

  • Holiday homes

  • Rental properties

  • Office kitchens

  • Caravans

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